Research Agenda:
I work on a crossroad between computational material science and theoretical physics. A focus area is the microscopic description of novel materials for opto-electronicapplications such as lasers, LEDs, single photon sources, and solar cells. Additionally, I'm active in method development for theoretical material science. I utilize mainly atomistic methods such as density functional theory and many-body perturbation theory to determine the electronic structure. Atomistocally determined ground state properties are the starting point for investigations of the non-equilibrium properties, using Schwinger-Keldysh Green's function or cluster expansion techniques.
The systems that I'm currently most interested in are
  • Transition metal dichalcogenides for single photon emission
  • Tunnel-injection QD lasers
  •  Nanowires, functionalized with molecules
Short Bio: I received my Ph.D. from the University of Bremen(Germany) in the group of Frank Jahnke for work on the optical properties of semiconductor Quantum Dots. I then joined the group of Jesper Mørk to study dynamical properties of nanolasers, being the recipient of the "Young Elite Researcher Award" of the "Danish Council for Independent Research". After my stay in Denmark I went to the group of Thomas Frauenheim at the "Bremen Center for Computational Materials Science" to broaden my scope to atomistic simulations. While finishing my Habilitation, I currently hold a DFG financed "own position" at the University of Duisburg-Essen


Phonon-driven intra-exciton Rabi oscillations in CsPbBr3 halide perovskites

X. T. Nguyen, Katrin Winte, Daniel Timmer, Y. Rakita, D. Ceratti, S. Aharon, Muhammad Sufyan Ramzan, C. Cocchi, M. Lorke, F. Jahnke, D. Cahen, C. Lienau, Antonietta De Sio

Nature Communications, 2023

Optical nonlinearities in the excited carrier density of atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides

Daniel Erben, Alexander Steinhoff, Michael Lorke, Frank Jahnke

Physical Review B, vol. 106, American Physical Society, 2022, p. 045409

Control of structure and spin texture in the van der Waals layered magnet CrSBr

J. Klein, T. Pham, J. D. Thomsen, J. Curtis, T. Denneulin, M. Lorke, M. Florian, A. Steinhoff, R. Wiscons, J. Luxa, Z. Sofer, F. Jahnke, P. Narang, F. Ross

Nature Communications, 2022

On the principle operation of tunneling injection quantum dot lasers

Igor Khanonkin, Sven Bauer, Vissarion Mikhelashvili, Ori Eyal, Michael Lorke, Frank Jahnke, Johann Peter Reithmaier, Gadi Eisenstein

Progress in Quantum Electronics, vol. 81, Pergamon, 2022, p. 100362

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Michael Lorke




Department of Physics

University of Duisburg-Essen

Institute for Theoretical Physics
University of Bremen
P. O. Box 330 440
D-28334 Bremen, Germany

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